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Episode #0006: Unlocking the Secrets of E-commerce Success: The 3 Traits You Can't Do Without [PART 1]

What's one trait you must have in order to grow online store sales to $100k or even $1 million a month?In this part 1 of 3 episodes, I share the first trait every foun...

Episode #0005: Interview with Johnny Russo (Chief Digital Officer @

In this episode, Alaa Hassan speaks to Johnny Russo about the importance of leadership for eCommerce growth.Johnny Russo joined Lamour as the Chief Digital Officer in ...

Episode #0004: Don't Let Your Mind Hold You Back: How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Drive Ecommerce Growth

In this episode, I’m here to remind you to STOP letting your mind hold you back!  We’re going to talk about how to overcome limiting beliefs and drive eCommerce growth...

Episode #0003: Why Grow? Unlocking the Purpose Behind Your Ecommerce Growth

There is a famous quote that says: There is no growth in the comfort zone..In this episode, we ask important growth questions:What happens if you stop growing an eComm...

Episode #0002: Interview with Morris Shipper (Director of Digital Marketing @

Interview with Morris Shipper, Director of Digital Marketing at

Episode #0001: Million Dollar Ecommerce with Alaa Hassan

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