Episode #0005: Interview with Johnny Russo (Chief Digital Officer @ Lamour.com)

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In this episode, Alaa Hassan speaks to Johnny Russo about the importance of leadership for eCommerce growth.

Johnny Russo joined Lamour as the Chief Digital Officer in December 2021, where he leads the Direct to Consumer division for 5 Ecommerce brands, including Crooks N Castles, Thorlos and new basics marketplace called Within. Previous to Lamour, Johnny was at The Kersheh Group as the Vice President of Ecommerce and Marketing in May 2019. The Kersheh Group manufactures and markets sleepwear for boys, girls, adults, and the entire family and have a wide portfolio of licensed sleepwear and underwear, including Superman, Batman, Star Wars, The Lion King, and Peppa Pig properties, as well as the NHL. Johnny is responsible for building the direct to consumer division for various brands, including Jellifish Kids, Jammin’ Jammies, Sleep Riot, and Fox + Badger. Prior to joining The Kersheh Group, he was with Mark’s, one of the largest apparel retailers in Canada and a part of the Canadian Tire Corporation, as the Associate Vice President of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce in January 2016.

Johnny is a published author. His book, Mastering Mindful Leadership: 105 Ways to Become the Leader Your Employees Need You to Be, was published in October 2022. Johnny has over 16 years of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce experience in the retail, manufacturing, mobile, and
software sectors. Johnny is energetic and passionate about Digital Transformation and Leadership, often speaking at numerous industry events in North America, as well as sitting on the Board of Advisors for Etail Canada, National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Digital Council, Retail Council of Canada’s (RCC) Ecommerce Advisory Board, and on the Board of Directors of the Calgary Marketing Association. He is also an investor in INVICTA Commerce Ventures. Johnny is obsessively trying to optimize and improve upon the online and omni-channel customer
experience, and create relevant brand experiences. Johnny is also an avid reader and has a blog, where he writes about all things Digital and Leadership.

Where to Find Johnny Russo:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnnyrusso/
Twitter: @Russojohnny

Instagram: @Russo_Johnny

Personal Website: http://www.johnnyrusso.com/

Episode #0005: Interview with Johnny Russo (Chief Digital Officer @ Lamour.com)
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